Suzanne Daniel

Co-FOUNDER and u.s. program director

Suzanne Daniel is a U.S. Program Director and Founder of the Bridge Scholarship. Through her management of the Pilgrim Foundation, she has been partnering with international non profits around the world and in Haiti for 20 years.  The opportunity to build a program to benefit Haiti's graduating youth has always been a dream. Suzanne lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband, 4 quickly growing children and far too many pets.


Rhodena Buck

Co-FOUNDER and u.s. program director

Rhodena has extensive experience working with children in Haiti for over 10 years through sponsorship, mentoring and english immersion programs. Through this work, she became aware of the great need for higher education and leadership development in Haiti's youth and, together with Suzanne, began creation of the Bridge Scholarship in 2013. Rhodena has career experience in the business sector in both accounting and retail business management. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and enjoys every precious visit from her adult son and daughter.


Junior Maitre

student liaison

Junior Maitre was recently hired as the Bridge Scholarship University Student Liaison and also serves as a house supervisor for student housing. Junior graduated from Haiti Providence University in 2017 with a degree in Human Resources. Junior is a tremendous support and asset to our university students. He is married to Fania and is the proud father of Martin.


Jules Davidson

Student Liaison

Jules Davidson was the first Bridge Scholarship recipient and graduated from Canado Technique in 2016. His ambition and motivation to give back to the program earned him a job as our first Bridge Scholarship Student Liaison. He has since been promoted to Program Manager. Davidson has been instrumental in coordinating programs, assisting in the application process, developing educational opportunities and housing for our students and continues to be an inspiration and encouragement to the students in the program as their house supervisor.


Ludwig Gresseau

Student Mentor

Ludwig is our Student Mentor and currently is employed by Operation Mobilization. As a mentor, he leads the students through quarterly book studies to encourage them to be leaders in Haiti. He lives in Mirebalais with his wife and three children.